MSMGF’s 2015 Annual Report: A Decade of Determination and Dedication

Published: March 31, 2016

Dear Friends of MSMGF,

We are very excited to announce the publication of our 2015 Annual Report. This year the format is a dramatically different than previous years for two main reasons. First, the look of the report reflects our new brand identity and modernized website. More importantly, this year marks our 10-year anniversary so we have highlighted our most remarkable milestones from the past decade along with major achievements and triumphs from 2015.

The report illustrates our unwavering commitment to the sexual health and human rights of gay and bisexual men and other men who have sex with men and transgender people. In the words of our fearless leader, Executive Director, Dr. George Ayala,“We shined a spotlight on homophobic criminalization, violence, stigma and discrimination, which conspire to heighten disparities in the global HIV response. As an organization, our job is to challenge misinformation, expose injustices, and disrupt ineffective business as usual. MSMGF has instigated and supports a global movement, which can take credit for many important changes since the agency’s early days.”

We are tireless advocates watch-dogging and influencing global policy, producing critical research and publications, supporting consortium partners and community-led organizations across the globe.

The global HIV response is failing men who have sex with men, as evidenced by escalating HIV transmission rates in all countries of the world. We must emphatically and unapologetically reject calls for the end of AIDS unless those calls openly acknowledge the disproportionate impact HIV continues to have on gay and bisexual men and include strategies that are aligned with our specific sexual health needs. For this reason we have established a powerful new advocacy platform to fast-track the global HIV and human rights responses.

Our goal with this report is to present our work in a way that is accessible to our entire community. Whether it’s our advocacy in global health policy, technical assistance to community-based organizations, or human rights-related activities, we hope that the format helps you easily learn about the parts of our strategy that align with your professional perspective and priority concerns. We also hope that you’ll be even more inspired to join or support MSMGF’s efforts in new ways as we look forward to the High-Level Meeting in New York and the International AIDS conference in Durban, South Africa.

Download the PDF of the Annual Report here.

Thank you for your continued support,




MSMGF has worked since 2006 to encourage targeted, tailored, better resourced, and rights-based sexual health services for gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM) worldwide through its advocacy and technical support work. As a global network, MSMGF has successfully influenced HIV responses at the local level through shifts in global-level policies and has effectively utilized public health as an entry point for advancing the human rights of LGBT people. MSMGF currently supports programs in 15 countries.




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