The Consortium of MSM & Transgender Networks

In April of 2013, the leading global and regional MSM networks came together in Oakland, California to establish formally the terms for a consortium. We chose a consortium format to support international collaboration. We believe that coordinated efforts to address the factors impacting MSM and transgender health and human rights could minimize duplication of effort, leverage our respective complementary strengths as advocacy and technical support providers, and ultimately result in significant resource efficiencies. Since our Consortium’s formation, we have expanded the membership to reflect regional balance and the inclusion of critical perspectives concerning epidemiologic dynamics and trends in the HIV sector.

Led by MSMGF, our Consortium won a two-year Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund (RCNF) grant to solidify organizational capacity of MSM and Transgender networks, and to strengthen community responses via consolidated mechanisms for information exchange, community mobilization, and awareness-raising through media outreach. That two-year grant began in 2014 and continues through 2015. The Consortium won an additional one-year grant from RCNF for 2015 to focus on the provision of Technical Assistance in response to Global Fund related processes or funding implementation. Below is the list of currently participating Consortium partners.


Our mission is to strengthen the response to emerging HIV and AIDS epidemics among African/Black communities in the Diasporas.


We represent a diverse range of interests from Asia and the Pacific working together to advocate on, highlight and prioritize HIV issues that affect the lives of men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender people, including rights, health and well-being. By influencing governments and opinion leaders, we are generating positive, enduring change.


AMSHeR, and its various member organizations, work towards an empowered and healthy life for MSM/LGBT people in Africa and human rights for all.


Caribbean Vulnerable Communities (CVC) is a coalition of community leaders and non-governmental agencies providing services directly to and on behalf of Caribbean populations who are especially vulnerable to HIV infection or often forgotten in access to treatment and healthcare programmes. These groups include men who have sex with men, sex workers, people who use drugs, orphans and other children made vulnerable by HIV, migrant populations, ex-prisoners, and youth in especially difficult circumstances.


Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM) is an association of non-governmental organizations and activists working on sexual and reproductive health, including HIV, among men who have sex with men and transgender people in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


The IRTG works to organize joint advocacy action at the global level on behalf of MSM and transgender people and to provide guidance to the MSMGF on transgender issues.


The mission of M-Coalition is to coordinate on local, regional and international levels in order to facilitate the access of MSM in the Arab world to, services of prevention, care, treatment and quality support through advocacy, creation of a favorable environment, capacity building and follow-up, research, exchange of good practices and, by collaborating with other structures of health and human rights.


The South-Caucasus Network on HIV/AIDS is an innovative partnership that leads and inspires the South-Caucasian region in achieving universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support for MSM/TG.


SOMOSGAY works to build a supportive, pluralistic, democratic, equitable and inclusive Paraguayan society in which lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans live happily with full equality in their homes, schools and workplaces.