Youthful spaces to production of educational materials for gay young living with HIV

Published: August 1, 2008

Youthful spaces to production of educational materials for gay young living with HIV

Issues: Mexico city concentrate the biggest number of HIV cases in Mexico. One of the most affected populations are young people. For this reason it is important to create alternative spaces to this specific population, in order to provide a educational space to learn about the infections and positive living strategies with a youthful approach.

Description: The aim of this Project is to create a safe space for gay young people living with HIV in order to respond to their specific needs. This space promotes the community mobilization in order to strengthening the participation and visibility of the gay young people living with HIV in the national response. The space provides information with a youthful approach on issues such as: treatments adherence, nutrition, sexuality (condom use, disclosure, sero-discordant couples, love), relation client-doctor, and human rights. At the end of the process participants design a guide to co-ordinate gay young self-support groups that includes all the themes approached during the project. This guide includes technical information as well participative and interactive techniques and can be used as training to trainer’s toolkit.

Lessons learned: It is important to have spaces to promote community involvement and mobilization of gay young people living with HIV. This is a relevant strategy to promote positive prevention both, to prevent new infections and to promote positive living among young people. It is important to involve target population in the design of materials and educational tools in order to ensure effective interventions.

Next steps: To adapt the toolkit in order that it can be used by other young populations outside gay community. To design a training to trainers workshop. To create and promoting friendly spaces to gay young people, with emphasis in young people living with HIV.

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