Two gay men stabbed to death in Guyana by spurned lover

Published: July 20, 2014

JASON John, 21, also known as ‘Jada’ of Lamaha Street, Alberttown, Carl Sinclair, also known as ‘Tyra Banks’ of Vergenoegen, East Bank Essequibo and Samuel Bristol, 31, of Nabaclis, East Coast Demerara, all members of the ‘gay’ community, met gruesome deaths yesterday morning in a double murder followed by suicide.

Just after midnight on Saturday, John and Sinclair were attacked and stabbed to death two streets from each other by Bristol who had gone into a fit of rage before ending his own life by drenching himself with acid on Regent Street hours later. The two were stabbed on Leopold and High Street and Lombard Street respectively.

The Guyana Chronicle, which was the first media house on the scene, was told by female sex workers and colleagues of the dead young men that Bristol had committed the act after he failed to get to another homosexual who is also a commercial sex worker and Bristol’s former lover.

According to information received, Bristol had shared a five-year relationship with a male commercial sex worker named Mario but that relationship was ended after Bristol was deemed an abuser.

Meanwhile, not giving up on his love for his male intimate partner, Bristol would usually visit the North Road location in the vicinity of St George’s Cathedral to look for Mario after hearing that the man was engaged in commercial sexual activities, against Bristol’s wishes.

On Sunday morning when Bristol showed up at the location he spotted Mario and attempted to advance towards him. However, he desisted as Mario was in the company of about 12 members of the gay community.

Bristol then remarked: “You see you, I catch you this time for myself, I see you with my own eyes,” as he spoke of catching Mario red handed dressed in female attire and reportedly soliciting sex. The man then attacked two of the commercial sex workers further up the road by throwing a corrosive substance at them. But he missed the target and the commercial sex workers rushed behind the man who was rescued by security personnel in an MMC Security Patrol vehicle and was whisked away.

Shortly after he arrived at the Leopold Street location where he was seen inflicting stab wounds to John after apparently approaching the young man under the pretext that he wanted to have sexual favours. However, John is not known to be a commercial sex worker among the gay community but would occasionally have sex with strange men.

It was during a brief conversation that Bristol whipped out a sharp-edged tool and inflected several stab wounds to the chest and region of John’s heart. He then fled to Lombard Street where Sinclair would usually be available for commercial sex.

This publication was informed that like John, Bristol approached Sinclair and inflected the stab wounds to his chest and region of the heart. However one man who claimed to witness the incident said that unlike John, Sinclair put up a fight but was overpowered by the man who is physically sturdier than both of his victims.

After being stabbed John attempted to rush back to Leopold Street where his friends were but collapsed and died while Sinclair, who had no idea of what had transpired a corner away, collapsed and died on the pavement on Lombard Street. Both bodies were sprawled.

The police reportedly responded quickly to the scene. This reporter who was not far away from the area, before word of the incident got out, saw an unmarked police vehicle racing in the direction after they got news of the incidents.

Other police patrols then began searching for the suspect after getting a description of him from commercial sex workers at both murder scenes. It was evident that the police, who in the past were very hostile to members of the gay community, showed more tolerance in dealing with them yesterday morning and so they received the cooperation of members of the gay community.

However, the police were unable to locate the suspect. It was not until later yesterday morning that the police were called to the scene of a man who had doused himself with a corrosive substance. He was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he died from suspected first degree burns.

One section of the media reported that while on the way to the hospital the man was asking health workers not to allow him to live.

Meanwhile speaking with June Bristol, the mother of Samuel Bristol yesterday afternoon, the woman could hardly find words to describe the actions of her son and the fact that she was confronted with the reality that he was into intimate relationships with boys, as he never displayed such a tendency.

She said that she could not sleep Saturday night going into Sunday morning because her son was not at home. She said that it was only when she was awakened on Sunday just after 6.00am that she was confronted with the news via the internet and several calls she got.

According to Mrs Bristol, her son never displayed any signs that something was bothering him until Saturday morning when she saw him looking depressed and asked him. The woman told the Chronicle that her son responded: “A lot of things, a lot of things” at which point she advised him to seek someone he trusted and confide in them.

Bristol said that her son was a man of many girls and she is still unaware of what could have caused him to be influenced by members of the gay community.

Yesterday morning several colleagues of the commercial sex workers and other members of the gay community converged on the scene. And many of them burst into tears as they viewed the sprawled bodies of the two men in the two locations with their fatal injuries.


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