Top to Bottom: Prevention, treatment & Care for MSM

Published: May 23, 2011

First South African publication: 1983:
• two cases in homosexual men,
• both died in 1982

September 1986:
“The present status of AIDS cases in the RSA is:
(i) South African residents –
30 cases comprised of homosexual/bisexual men (26), heterosexual (I), blood transfusion AIDS (I) and haemophiliacs (2); all these are white males;”

“.. has a new microbe arisen like a phoenix from the cauldron of evolution and flourished here and now because of the special social and sexual circumstances of the times?”

“heterosexism and homophobia are often key drivers of many negative things in society … I don’t believe that anyone is born homophobic in the same sense that no-one is born racist. These are norms we acquire
because of our socialisation. And, in turn, other human beings can move us away from Back on track….
these prejudices,……

"all people – regardless of race, culture, gender, HIV status or sexual orientation – have equal rights to the provision of services".

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