Syria's attack on gay people must end

Published: July 7, 2010

It’s Pride season in Europe and the Americas. It’s a time to celebrate the huge achievements that have and are being made in terms of LGBT rights across this part of world. In Syria, however, things have taken a recent turn for the worse.

Since late March, police have conducted a series of raids on private parties and meeting places, and more than 25 men have been arrested. The arrests are shrouded in secrecy but some information has leaked out.

At the Gay Middle East news website (GME) we have received several testimonies and published two reports from undercover sources in Damascus. In Beirut, Georges Azzi of Helem (the first LGBT advocacy group in an Arab country) confirms that arrests are taking place. Writing for the Huffington Post, Michael Luongo quotes him as saying: "Unfortunately none of our contacts can give us more details at this point. It seems that the police are tracking gay people in Syria now."

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