Survey of HIV/SY infection and KABP related to AIDS among the MSM in Lanzhou

Published: August 1, 2008

Survey of HIV/SY infection and KABP related to AIDS among the MSM in Lanzhou

Background: To understand the HIV/SY infection among the MSM (the men who have sex with men) and KABP (knowledge, attitude, belief and behavior) related to AIDS in Lanzhou, and to institute corresponding measure for behavioral interventions.

Methods: By using ‘snowball’ survey, 264 MSM were surveyed in the bars and launders for their HIV/SY infection rates, KABP questionnaire and serology detection.

Results: 29.17% of MSM were aged between 20 and 25 years, Most of the participants were singlehood (61.74%), Han people(89.77%), this city (54.17%) and commercial service(26.89%), 41.29% of MSM have received college education and 32.58% have secondary education, 59.47% of MSM consider themselves were homosexuality; 30.34% of MSM had poor knowledge about AIDS, UNGASS index equal to eighty-one, 76.89% of MSM had unprotected anal intercourse with male partners within the nearest six months and average number of male sex partners was 17. Only 52.48% of them reported consistent condom use with their male sex partners.56.93% received propaganda handbook about AIDS and 23.11% received HIV detection by free of charge; the infection rates of HIV and SY were 0.76% and 2.65%.

Conclusions: High-risk sexual behaviors were ubiquitous among MSM and made it feasible occurring potential HIV epidemic in this population. It was imperative to carry out targeted interventions for MSM to turn the tide.

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