RGOD2: Lawsuit against Scott Lively shows when history and justice rhyme | VIDEO

Published: March 23, 2012

Interpretation of history, particularly religious history, must always be done with the meticulous skill of a surgeon, or the patient may die. Left to the devices of amateurs or God forbid, politicians, lots of people will get hurt or be killed needlessly.

Interpretation of history, at its highest calling, must be to enable the healing of the past and repair some kind of communal “wound.” The Jewish concept of “repairing the world” while avoiding humanity’s most dangerous sin – amnesia — remains a constant theme engrained in holy Scriptures and epic stories. “Remembering rightly” is ultimately about community health and survival. Every devout religious person shares in this responsibility.

Simply put, when history is deliberately distorted, we get in trouble and repeat the mistakes of the past. Another way of saying this is: “When we believe our own bulls**t, people get hurt, including ourselves.”
Pastor Scott Lively is a recent example of what can happen when history is distorted to promote a contemporary agenda. At his now infamous meeting in a Kampala hotel where he blamed LGBT people for the Holocaust and Rwandan genocide, he incited Ugandan parliamentarians to further criminalize homosexuality and use the scientifically disproved “ex-gay” therapy to heal us of this unnatural state of being.

Weeks later, the draconian Bahati bill, aka “Kill The Gays” bill, emerged while Lively slinked back into the shadows. His interpretative religious and historical work had been completed. He also thought he could not be held accountable for his own historical actions. Video fortunately triumphed his delusion.

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