Response to risk and vulnerabilities of MSM

Published: August 1, 2008

Response to risk and vulnerabilities of MSM

Issues: Denial and a lack of knowledge of male-to-male sexual behaviour in Cambodia ,high levels of stigma and discrimination, has meant that MSM have remained relatively hidden and their concerns and sexual health have consequently been neglected. MSM are at high risk for HIV and STIs Phnom Penh where HIV prevalence among MSM was 8.7%. NCHADS 2005. 

Description: Regardless of marital status, it is common for Cambodian MSM to have sex with women in addition to sex with men. Multiple male and female sexual partners are common for a large number of MSM. It is difficult to describe MSM social and sexual networks with any accuracy. Public places, parks and entertainment places such as bars, disco and cafes, also public dance are the most common locations for MSM gardering. Working with MSM in Cambodia implementing in city, urban and rural areas in Cambodia. Risk reduction group discussion and outreach activities are led by MSM multipliers trained to reach out the MSM and other MSM hidden groups. Safe spaces and drop in centre have been set up for building social solidarity and sharing experiences for improving the quality of lives. Organizing forums for sensitization the MSM issues in to the communities in aim at mobilizing for resources/advocacy and make enabling environment for accessing health services. 

Lessons learned: To train MSM as multipliers to reach out the different group of MSM who are hidden for condom and lubricant promotion and risk reduction skill building to HIV/AIDS, STIs transmission. Sensitization MSM issues into the community, and stake holders to improve the quality of health services for MSM accessing health services. 

Next steps: Strengthen technical working group of MSM to have clear national strategic information for addressing the needs of MSM. Strengthening and building capacity of existing MSM net work to have a strong voice of MSM to advocate to widely access health service

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