Play activities of transgender people to promote and have access to prevention supplies

Published: August 1, 2008

Play activities of transgender people to promote and have access to prevention supplies

Issues: Aguascalientes is a traditional state where homophobia and phobia to transgender people make institutions and decision-making actors ignore information needs, health and education matters as well as human rights. In 2005 any organization included this population in its mission and objectives; therefore, in 2006 members of the community organized and created Fangoria Nice of Aguascalientes.

Description: The base group received training on the following topics: HIV, understanding stigma and discrimination matters and analysis of homophobia and phobia to transgender within families and society. An exchange was done through a social marketing project called “Condoneras” and adapted the project into local culture, designing a prevention strategy that included musical plays with prevention and information messages as well as the proper demonstration of condoms and lubes. Several presentations were run in meeting centers for transgender and homosexual individuals; including events of the local AIDS program and a national one was done during the Community Forum at the HIV/AIDS National Congress. Outreach activities were also done in the main streets where transgender sex workers offer their services.
Lessons learned: Prevention strategies that include cultural elements like popular songs become relevant and of high interest to the target population. As a result, visibility in the mass media and partnerships with governmental areas is achieved.

Next steps: The strategy will be enriched by increasing the number of musical sketches that include condom and lubes promotion and social marketing. Adding the promotion of voluntary test and access to other sexual and reproductive health services supported with the strengthening of partnerships with the governmental area.

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