Origami Condoms Radically Redesigns Almost Century-Old Latex Protection

Published: April 8, 2013

Let’s face it, for many people the classic latex condom is an unsensational product at best. And for nearly a century, no one really bothered to make that basic design any better.

But now a small business called Origami Condoms says it is ready to reinvent the condom and make it more appealing to use by taking a design tip from the Japanese art of paper folding. The secret? An accordion-like design.

"The latex condom was strictly protection. No one liked using it," Origami Condoms’ creator and company founder, Danny Resnic, told The Huffington Post. "We are trying to create a condom that feels great and is much closer to the real deal to encourage people to use them."

Traditional condom makers have long been trying to make the existing condom design more appealing with textures and even flavors. But Origami Condoms’ breakthrough style — which has condoms folded up rather than rolled up like its predecessors — acts as a loose-fitting sheath when it’s in use and moves with the natural movement of the body. That means both participants will experience a lot more sensation during sex, Resnic said.

The company, which is based in Marina del Rey, Calif., has already snagged the attention of sexual health proponents as well as other major latex condom manufacturers who are interested in licensing the design, according to Resnic.

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