MSM's attitude towards PLHIV MSM in Armenia

Published: August 1, 2008

MSM’s attitude towards PLHIV MSM in Armenia

Background: Along with the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and increase of infected people new problems concerning the relations arise in the society. In turn it creates the situation when MSM PLHIV are rejected not only by the society, but also by MSM. This research had a purpose to clarify the MSM communities’ attitude towards PLHIV and the influence of information level in the process of MSM and PLHIV mutual relations.

Methods: By means of previously developed questionnaire an anonymous survey has been carried out among Armenian 70 MSM from 18 to 62 years old.

Results: The participants have been divided into three groups: I (18-30 years old), II (30-45 years old), III (45-62 years old). There are the following answers concerning HIV transmission (%-for positive answer):
• By unprotected sexual relation: I group – 56%, II group – 92% and III group – 100%
• By drug injection: I group – 82%, II group – 83% and III group – 85%
• By blood transfusion – I group – 44%, II group -75% and III group – 100%
• By relating with PLHIV, e.g. shaking hands: I group – 51%, II group -33% and III group – 14%.

Conclusions: Young Armenian MSM are poorly informed about HIV/AIDS issues. We can see contradictory situation with Armenian grown up MSM, who are sufficiently informed but have comparatively high level of intolerable attitude towards PLHIV. Obviously regardless of age and information level all participants of the survey have mentioned that they would cut their sexual relationship with their MSM partners LHIV. It is obvious that there is not enough attention paid to the development of tolerant attitude in Armenian society. With the increase of PLHIV, there is an increase in the violation, discrimination, stigma and marginalization and a tendency of isolation from the society, which requires an immediate solution of the problem.

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