Men having sex with men in Eastern Europe: Implications of a hidden HIV epidemic

Published: March 16, 2010

The AIDSTAR-Two project conducted an assessment of eight selected Eastern European countries – Albania, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Russian Federation, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine – to identify gaps in data and the needs for development of programs for MSM. The assessment included a review of existing surveillance and other data, and studies on HIV prevalence and risks of HIV-infection in the MSM community, including political documents, and best practices informing responses to the epidemic among this group. The eight countries that were included have active support from USAID missions to public health programs, in order to support networking and collaboration in the development of a regional strategy. Following the data aggregation process, a workshop was held to discuss assessment findings and formulate recommendations. The findings of these assessments are contained within this report, “Men having sex with men in Eastern Europe: implications of a hidden HIV epidemic.”

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