Las Rukas

Published: August 1, 2008

Las Rukas

Issues: Action taking place at bars, discos, nightclubs and other spots preferred by the LGBT and Hetero community at the Monterrey metroplex. Many HIV-AIDS campaigns have focused on high risk audiences.

Description: "LAS RUKAS" is an effective, preventive action, which uses a variety of information resources to reach specific audiences with messages adapted to their interests and needs. The show is a musical performance depicting a realistic message, through an irreverent and relaxed style, not grossly or rudely, nor with political or religious satire, though some overtones are used to bring a clear message with some black humor. Show starts with a musical comedy opening, replacing lyrics from popular songs to convey a sharp message. After the humor and sarcasm in the show, people are given some brochures and a condom, as a final touch to this call that through jokes and humor, promotes a change of behavior with an “always use condom” motto all throughout.

Lessons learned: Las Rukas have performed in several LGBT places, including the latest Universal Forum of Cultures, always distributing information on the correct use of male and female condoms, brochures and promotional items. This high visual impact show has had over 30,000 recipients through live presentations, as well as people visiting our internet websites and video

Next steps: In brief, any communication media can be used to reach audiences, but bringing a clear message among peers has been a successful experience. When delivering such message without any restraints or biases, we will continue using what proved to be best: apply familiar images and demystifying what served as a judgement, information can be brought in a more personal, effective way.

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