Integration and validation of transgender and intersexual population among pairs consultancy

Published: August 1, 2008

Integration and validation of transgender and intersexual population among pairs consultancy – issues: consultancy among pairs, transgender and intersexual population

Description: Rancagua is a city of mines; therefore, there is a high percentage of people mobile, seasonal workers (approximately 90.000 daily inhabitants compared to 206.015 city inhabitants. CENSUS, 2005). Under these conditions, there is a high amount of people dedicated to sexual work. The service of consultancy among pairs has been working since year 2004 at the Regional Hospital. In the year 2007 I was capacitated and validated as the first transgender counsellor and I immediately started working on that. In my experience working at the Regional Hospital, I have had a real chance to meet my pairs and to work associatively with the members of the PLWHAs team -. That have helped me to reduce the prejudices regarding the type of jobs that a trangender person does. It has been helpful too to know the real difficulties that sexual workers of my city have to face. For instance, they demonstrated discomformity because the STD Center is in Rengo, 32 km. away from Rancagua, and not in the Regional Hospital; therefore it is complicated to go there because the hours of work are primarily in the night.

Lessons learned: Having the role of counsellor has helped me to be closer to sexual workers; this has been rewarding for all of us in the sense of feeling heard, understood and comprehended. At the same time, being inside the VIH program of the Regional Hospital has made me become in a reference for my pairs and slowly erase the prejudices against the type of job that a trangender person might do.

Next steps: It is necessary to have public policies in order to reach a real participation and integration of people who are under unequal conditions in front of society – as people living with VIH/AIDS and transgender people – and in that way overcome discrimination.

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