Identity Magazine, December Issue

Published: December 19, 2011

Season greetings and warm wishes from all of us here at Identity Magazine!

It gives me great pleasure to bring you yet another issue of Identity Magazine for this festive season. Its our third issue and its main focus is on sex work, HIV and AIDS and includes in-briefs on the ongoing in the gay and lesbian as well as sex work world.

This issue features many ‘firsts.’ One, we have decided to open up the editorial space to ‘Special Guest Editors’ who would be offering editorial pieces in subsequent issues. Gracing our first ‘Special Guest Editor’ spot is MaqC Eric Gitau who is the General Manager of the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK). Another first is a column titled ‘Expose’ where we bring to you undercover stories and events happening in the gay or sex work community in Kenya to the public eye. Our first story – Kenyan Gays Being Sold As Sex Slaves In UAE – follows the lead we got of a syndicate in Kenyatta University where gay students are trafficked with the promises of jobs in some Arabic countries. Another first is a feature on blogs, specifically gay and sex work blogs. There has been an exponential growth of bloggers in Kenya the last few years; the gay and sex work community has not been left behind in this phenomena. Often using such a space, they bring to light their lives, experiences and outlook delivering interesting, catchy and emotional posts. Each month we will bring you a Kenyan blogger or writer and feature his blog or story to our readers.

The stories in this issue cover pertinent thematic areas like HIV and AIDS, sex work, well-being, religion and up-to-date events. It includes advertisements, job vacancies and notices geared for the different audiences that Identity Magazine reaches out to. May I also note that Identity  Magazine is calling on advertisers who wish to reach a wider audience to get in touch with us via +254 722 828 166; likewise, organisations, entities, groups or individuals who wish to publish, post or advertise with us can do so on the same number.

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