HIV: Emphasising evidence-based prevention technologies a better deal

Published: December 10, 2014

New Vision
Alice Kayongo
Original Article:

The President told Ugandan youth to fight AIDS by not having sex and blamed evidence-based prevention interventions, in particular, condoms and medical male circumcision on Uganda’s troubled AIDS response. He also said becoming HIV-positive brings shame to a family.

These off-the-cuff comments by our leaders may be their honest feelings about HIV, which they should be helped to change. But when communicated in public, they cause more harm than good. Uganda’s AIDS response should keep in touch with reality, science and available evidence.

We need to prevent and treat targeted at risk populations in greatest need, including young women aged 15-24, sero-discordant couples, and truck drivers; fisher folk as well as criminalised groups like men who have sex with men and sex workers.

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