Comment: Ghana's challenges with homosexuality

Published: September 15, 2009

Comment: Ghana’s challenges with homosexuality

It is important when a review of a country takes place that a critical eye is used to look over the origins and reasons for the values and laws that a society subscribes to, even if some may seem non-negotiable.

The criminalisation of homosexuality has been described by critics as “a relic of colonialism” and it is the status of this law as a remnant of British rule that makes it ripe for criticism after more than 50 years of independence.

This year, Obama, Atta Mills’ much-lauded ‘other-half’ in Ghana’s ‘partnership for change’ signed a UN declaration calling for the decriminalisation of homosexuality worldwide.

Partnerships and relationships are about compromise; give and take; and respecting the other person’s opinions enough to pay attention.

Therefore, if Atta Mills and Ghana are serious about this partnership being a success, is Obama not owed the common courtesy of having his views listened to and taken on board? At the very least, he should rightfully be honoured with the opening of a discussion.

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