AIDS Silence: America's New Gay Plague

Published: December 1, 2009

AIDS Silence: America’s New Gay Plague

In early fall, Wisconsin Congresswomen Tammy Baldwin released a YouTube video imploring the LGBT community to support Pres. Obama’s health care overhaul. The missive’s timing could not have been more meaningful — arriving after months of anti-Obama rhetoric from Gay leaders incensed over the President’s perceived inaction on major campaign commitments. Yet while the video was a welcome sign of rapprochement, it was most notable for its disappointment. For not once in the entire 3:36 message did Baldwin — an openly-Lesbian Democrat — mention the words "AIDS" or "HIV". Not once! Income inequality — important. Tax discrimination — crucial. But AIDS/HIV — not so much.

The AIDS silence undercutting Baldwin’s message was deafening in its bombast. Indeed, nearly three decades after the epidemic’s arrival, AIDS remains if exactly not off-limits — then certainly off the radar screens of many prominent LGBT leaders. Instead, they’re focused on promoting a happier, healthier, far more hetero-palatable image of the Gay community — much like the one offered in Baldwin’s video. Tainted by sex, drugs, race and class, AIDS has no place in this homogenized-homosphere battling for issues such as Marriage Equality and its Denier-in-Chief, Pres. Obama.

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