76+ painted faces protest 76+ countries' anti-gay laws

Published: July 30, 2013

British poet-activist Vince Laws has again turned a spotlight on the 76-plus countries where homosexuality is illegal, painting the faces of 85 volunteers with those countries’ names before an audience of about 200.
His performance-art protest, called “Banned,” was presented at the launch of the Pride Without Prejudice art exhibition on July 22 in Norwich, England.

“It’s important to understand why it is important to celebrate diversity and people’s rights, and also to speak up for people in countries where they can’t speak up,” Laws said, as reported in the Norwich Evening News.
“Here’s the best bit,” Laws said afterwards : “85 people protesting, and the Norwich Pride choir  singing “We who believe in freedom.’ ” (See the video starting at about 1:10.)

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