3 LGBT danger zones (Belarus, Uganda, Somalia)

Published: July 16, 2013

Politicians in Belarus have proposed banning “gay propaganda” there, joining Ukraine in considering whether to follow in the footsteps of Russia.
On July 9, the Belarusian  Liberal Democratic Party stated that it wanted such a law, claiming that “under the guise of protecting the rights of sexual minorities is the promotion and advocacy of homosexuality, especially among minors, thus destroying the family and public morality.” (Account based on Google translation of GAYBY.NET article)
Canadian Prime Minister under fire for aid to group critical of gays
The federal government has received scores of letters and emails over government funding being provided to an organization that referred to homosexuality as a “perversion” and “sin.”
The Canadian Press reported earlier this year on the $544,813 contract to Christian Crossroads Communications for humanitarian work in Uganda. The government briefly announced a freeze in funds but later revised its position.  (Canada.com)
The Ottawa Citizen reported that 120 emails and letters criticized the action, while 50 supported it.  One stated, “Are you not aware at how many gay people are being killed and harassed because of anti-gay Christian organizations?”  Another: “There are plenty of groups willing to dig latrines without endangering our gay brothers and sisters.”
A supporter wrote: “All they are doing is providing a necessity to human clean water. When you examine their track record, very few organizations have had the success they have had.”

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